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About me


Anastasiia Grishanina, doula

All my children, the experience of their birth, the countries we visited, the thousands of people we
met on our way – all of this became steps to one simple question asked after a meeting for which I
was a speaker: "How much do you charge for a personal consultation?"

"Like... for who?” I asked. I had simply lived and shared my experiences if I was asked. That
question became a sign for me, a signal of “Yes, you can! You can help people with your
experience, knowledge, and care.”
My first son was born in 2014 in Russia, at a hospital where, by agreement, there was a
conscientious labor with my spouse. Full of my expectations, love, and preparation, we were instead
harshly whipped with the aggression of the staff, a dangerous delivery method with heavy weight on
my body and my baby inside me, and, finally, episiotomy. The whole experience woke up the mother
bear in me. And, together with my son, we began to grow up.
During my second pregnancy, I had thought to give birth at home. We found a midwife who delivered
my baby. But through my expected period of childbirth, she had to fly to India – so we decided to
save money and go there to live, at least for a few months before giving birth. My husband quit his
job, and we left for another country with the whole family. Giving birth at home, in India, with a
wonderful and gentle recovery after childbirth, immersed in traditions full of care and love, gave me
the opportunity to feel the difference.
A couple of years later, we won a United States green card, and before that, we adopted a child. We
left for the USA and started everything from scratch again. My friends, pregnant mothers, asked me
for advice from across the ocean, and someone even gave birth with my help provided directly
I m used to people asking me for advice and support. The topic of pregnancy and childbirth is very
interesting to me, and I have not stopped reading and attending webinars on childbirth.
I later gave birth to my third child, a daughter, at home, in the States, with a home midwife; a
completely new approach of professionalism, quality, and respect – it was a wonderful birth.
However, the postpartum period was difficult. I lacked warmth in every sense, care, knowledge
about the body, and the ability to organize my space. While on vacation in Russia, I closed my
childbirth period in a bathhouse with excellent craft masters and realized that I was being called to
do this as my career. When I recovered, I became more confident about helping other women. This
feeling grew, and it became important for me to share my knowledge and obtain more qualifications.
Then I went to study at Maternity Support School, and I immediately began to conduct online
support. After that, I entered DONA International for the specialty of Postpartum Doula and started
working full-time that same summer. While finishing this education, I also then studied at the

Academy of Holistic Midwifery, taking courses in Aromatherapy and Midwifery with Yulia Shelepina
in Russia. I studied Rebozo, practiced, and met new people, followed by entering the Professional
Russian Doulas Association.
I am now fully trained as a Natural Family Planning consultant, and I lead groups. Additionally, I was
taught further by Access Bars in New York. In February, I will be attending advanced training in


My blessed girl #4 was born at home without a midwife. Just me and my girl in a labor process. I meet incredible midwifery center and people on my way? who made me believe in myself , in a power of health and nature.

I continue to progress at my own pace, and with each new client, I fall more and more in love with
my chosen profession.



2019 - WomPro Maternity Support School, both stages.

" Prenatal support. Basics of nutrition. Aromatherapy. Psychology of childbirth and childbirth support. Doula" '

2020 – DONA international (USA), Postpartum Doula + Breastfeeding course

2020 - Yulia Shelepina's Slavic Recovery Postpartum traditions full online course

2021 - Consultant of the Fertility Recognition Method and Natural Family planning

2021 - Admission to the Association of Professional Doulas of Russia

2021 - Basics of rebozo, certificate

2021 - Postpartum Doula European Institute, "Postpartum Doula"

2021 – Access bars, NY, USA – Access bars practitioner

I have compiled my own program for recovery after childbirth, based on all the training.

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