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Birth and Postpartum Holistic Doula Care

For the new mom. For your healthy future.


Why does a woman really need doula's care

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

– John Kennell, M.D., pediatrician

Non-judgment support

Doula provides you all last information about birth and postpartum period according to your needs and wishes. Doula know how to listen and hear. I am here for your relax and recovery.


So many questions - how to choose a provider, when to go to the hospital, how to breathe - we will figure out all your needs and do the best for you.


Doula knows all about birth and labor, how to feed a newborn, how to organize a space and much much more.


You never guess that postpartum period should be such healing and full off royal care about your body and mind. Individual plan. Special body practices and healing meal preparation..and much more... You mama really deserve it!

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Happy Clients

" Before my second pregnancy I didn’t know much about doulas. I’ve heard that they can act as support people and advocates during childbirth, but I couldn’t imagine what a big role they can play in my own life. I’d like to give a shout out to Anastasiia a birth and postpartum doula who helped me to achieve a birth experience I’ve been dreaming to have. Starting with coming over to us in the middle of the night to go together to the hospital she was there with us the entire time till our baby girl was born. She helped to create and keep a peaceful, dark and quiet space to have a perfect atmosphere for a natural delivery. Was always there to help relieve the pain of contractions with massage and counter pressure. Was encouraging and cheering for me through the tough moments and kept me moving and changing positions to help me progress. All while letting my husband and I to be fully present in the moment with him being my main supporter and partner during the childbirth.
I believe that childbirth is a team effort of mother and baby, and all the support people present. And it was awesome to have a loving, caring and dedicated professional on my team who helped us to have a great childbirth experience which I was longing for "

Anastasia Kot

'' Anastasia's work in post-partum care was an indispensable experience for both my physical and spiritual healing after birth. By combining both ancient Russian and Native American practices, she has a unique approach to her work. She is completely committed, both as a professional and as a human being. It was especially pleasant and unexpected that she hand-prepared everything with care and love and an extra degree of homespun charm. She even cooks special foods and drinks that are specifically geared toward helping the healing process (and they're tasty too!) I also liked the different massage techniques that she knows, since it was clear that she chose them specially for my body's unique needs. Personally, I take a long time getting "warmed up" for birth. My early labor can take days. But Nastia's calming presence, as well as a perfectly chosen massage at the exact moment I needed it, helped start the birthing process for me and I'm sure made it shorter and calmer than it had ever been before. She continued to visit me three times after birth, using different techniques appropriate to the different stages of my body's healing after birth. I can say with complete confidence that after her final session with me, I felt a new surge of energy and strength, so that I could take my new child to the playground that same day in a sling, together with his two brothers and sister.  You don't need any other doula on the entire face of the earth. Anastasia is the absolute best. I recommend her over all others, because you won't find anyone with such a multi-faceted approach to post-natal care anywhere, and she does it with a personal, caring approach that is rare in people these days. You truly feel like she is taking complete care of you, and you alone. It's amazing."

Anastasiya Kotar

" This was my 2nd baby and I can absolutely say that the difference between my 1st and 2nd postpartum were significant. All thanks to your wonderful support, expertise and kind help which helped me heal not only physically but mentally as well.


It was my first-time having doula post-partum. I was not sure what to expect. Although you made each visit go smoothly and so naturally, that I only have positive memories.

Massages, aromatherapy and kindness you brought with each session.

Attention to details, patience and gracefulness.

One of the 1st things that greatly helped me were breastfeeding videos. After having not so wonderful experience with my 1st baby; you found right words of encouragement, great videos I could watch, and some humor to relieve the stress.


 Having a strong and kind woman to share your birth story with and without judgment, meant a world to me.

All dishes were perfect and helped my recovery.


Massages and wrapping. Feeling your muscles being tight again was pretty great!


Doula support and encouragement helped me breastfeed my baby for 7 months with no formula addition. I was told with my 1st that my low supply of BM was genetic. We sort of kicked that theory to the curb.''

Olessia Maslov

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